Improvements to Model 2.0: Hole to Utilize Lock for Anti-Theft

Another enhancement that we will be making to our Makeshift Traveler is the addition of a hole/loop at the bottom of the pack. You may be wondering exactly what this is intended for, and that is a great question. As a way to mitigate theft, we designed this hole to be used, similarly to a bike, where it can be locked to other things such as gates, poles, railings, bike racks, and more. Theft occurs a lot when individuals are sleeping, and this is one of the many measures that we will be taking to help mitigate theft.

Note: On October 1st, 2022, The HomeMore Project Delivered our first Makeshift Traveler to someone experiencing homelessness. It is through the distribution and connection built with the people we serve that we have made these new enhancements to the next purchase order of our Makeshift Travelers. If you have any questions or additional enhancements that we can make, please let us know!

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