Improvements to Model 2.0: Charging Port

The last notable enhancement as of early April is switching the port that is available on our Makeshift Traveler. In our previous model, the only way to charge the battery is through the sun and solar panel obtaining energy. However, the new model will allow someone to traditionally charge the battery through the use of the new port on the left. Therefore, if someone experiencing homelessness who receives a Makeshift Travelers has access to an outlet, they will still be able to charge it.

Note: On October 1st, 2022, The HomeMore Project Delivered our first Makeshift Traveler to someone experiencing homelessness. It is through the distribution and connection built with the people we serve that we have made these new enhancements to the next purchase order of our Makeshift Travelers. If you have any questions or additional enhancements that we can make, please let us know!

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