Homelessness has been an ongoing challenge in California for over 40 years. Very few breakthrough solutions have been implemented, which have only led to an increase in the number of people suffering from homelessness. Through our future Transitional Housing Program, we are providing an innovative alternative to an ongoing crisis.

Our Future Transitional Housing Program

The HomeMore Project’s Transitional Housing Program is a conceptual plan aimed at providing an intensive one to two-year program for individuals who are currently unsheltered and have the desire to partake in a program to improve their health, revitalize their career goals and not only help them obtain permanent housing but also be self-sustaining in doing so. 

Our Investing in Every Root Cause for Every Individual approach will create custom-tailored one to two-year programs based on an individual’s history, current state, and desires. Each individual has a backstory that led them to be unhoused; our goal is to understand that to create a deep path forward. The sections below outline the timeline for launching this program, along with the program’s key focuses.

Timeline of Launching our Transitional Housing Program

Our Proposed Timeline includes a projected 10-year plan for how we intend to implement our Transitional Housing Program. During the current year of 2024, we are finalizing our written plans and cost projections. We anticipate launching a proof of concept in late 2025.

Key Points of the Transitional Housing Program

Phase 1: Outreach & Connecting

Phase 2: Arrival & Assessment

Phase 3: Residential Introduction

Phase 4: Central Hubs

Phase 5: Health & Wellness

Phase 6: Community Building

Phase 7: Education & Employment

Phase 8: Transitional Assistance

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