Homelessness and Pregnancy

Being pregnant and suffering from homelessness is more common than people may believe. With a pregnancy and lack of housing, there can be issues that are hard to avoid. Here is some information that can help those who are pregnant and homeless. 

There aren’t many resources that can easily be found regarding pregnancy while suffering from homelessness. While this group is often overlooked, there are women who have been in the same situation before and there are others going through it right now. 

Thirty percent of pregnancies among women suffering from homelessness are due to forced sex for survival. This could be for money, housing, or drugs. It’s common for individuals suffering from homelessness to be physically, mentally, and sexually abused in these situations due to the difficulty of accessing contraception and help.

There are three major options regarding pregnancy: keep the child, abortion, or adoption. With all three choices come difficulties; however, these difficulties shouldn’t deter a person from making the choice that suits them best. If a person suffering from homelessness chooses to go through with a pregnancy, there are many concerns that come with it. Different statistics show multiple concerns parents or guardians should know if they have an infant while suffering from homelessness. These infants could have higher rates of low birth weight, respiratory problems, fevers, more emergency room visits, and overall more doctors visits. These issues could be linked to malnutrition, fluctuation in weather, drug abuse, physical abuse and more. 

There are many different sources that can help:

FamilyEducation– At the bottom of their web page they provide information and links to Housing Assistance, Healthcare and Nutritional Assistance, Financial and Job Assistance, and links to help choose which option is best for you. 

Career and Recovery– How individuals can help support those dealing with both pregnancy and homelessness.

National Partnership for Women and Families– Statistics regarding issues that can come up while suffering from homelessness and having an infant.


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