Final Partnership Event with PHC of 2023

Today marked a big moment as we concluded our last partnership event with Project Homeless Connect (PHC) in downtown San Francisco for 2023. The event was not only a testament to the collaborative spirit that has fueled our program’s growth but also a reflection of the incredible commitment and dedication demonstrated by PHC in supporting our mission.

Project Homeless Connect has been an invaluable partner, playing a pivotal role in expanding the reach of the Makeshift Traveler program in San Francisco. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in our journey to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals facing homelessness.

As we navigate our transition to a statewide initiative and I personally relocate to Los Angeles, we eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership with Project Homeless Connect in early 2024. The shared commitment to creating positive change ensures that this collaboration will endure, bringing practical support and hope to those in need across the state. We extend our deepest gratitude to Project Homeless Connect for their exceptional contributions, and we look forward to the next chapter of our shared mission.

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