Education is a lifelong adventure.

Our Education Program was our first step in The HomeMore Project’s programming. Before developing and launching our Makeshift Traveler Program or before we launch our Transitional Housing Program, it was important for our team to educate ourselves and the public about those experiencing homelessness. Whether educating others or being educated ourselves, we highlight the importance of education as an important component in addressing homelessness.

At HomeMore, we believe that through education, we can make a personal connection.

Our LearnMore Blog

Our LearnMore Blog highlights ongoing trends and information about the unhoused community throughout the world. With a consistent focus on California, our Communication Team also focuses on homelessness in other prominent locations in the United States, and globally.

By educating ourselves, the community, and the people who support our organization, we can create a mutual understanding of the current, past, and projected state of the homeless community.

Media & Educational Videos

Our Media Team

Our Media Team is working on a series of films that will encompass a wide variety of different aspects of the current situation of homelessness in San Francisco ranging from; Background of Homeless, Programs in Place, Coronavirus Impact, Mental Illness, Substance Addiction, Economic Disparity, Bay Area Company, and Community Involvement, among many other crucial topics.

The short films feature many different notable individuals such as; City Officials, Street Teams, First Responders, Non-Profit and For-Profit Representatives, Professionals in a variety of different fields, HomeMore Representatives, among many others.

Upcoming Children's Book

Executive Director, Zac Clark and Marketing Lead, Nick Guimaraes have spent 2023 writing, illustrating, and working towards publishing a children’s book about a hermit crab named Mitty in search of a new shell to call home. 

The book is set to be published and available for purchase in the Summer of 2024! Keep an eye out for updates and new teasers!

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