Day 99: Featuring Raymond, Former Union Worker

Today we feature Raymond. We met Raymond and his cousin Mike back in late 2022 as they were hanging by Polk Street. Raymond and his cousin Mike have been in and out of shelters for a few years. After saving up social security checks and general assistance, they were able to purchase an old vehicle which both of them have been living out of for a few months. They mentioned that they usually allow one or two other people to sleep in their car at night, especially with the evening temperatures dropping into the low 40s. This was so touching to hear, even more so connecting with people who value this sense of community.

Before experiencing homelessness, Raymond had a great job working for the Union and UPS. Raymond said he would love to reapply and work for the Union again but is not confident enough without an address and living in a car with limited belongings.

Raymond and his cousin Mike’s contact information was received. We will stay in touch with both in their search to transition out of the vehicle and into permanent housing.

Check back tomorrow for new stories of people we meet and provide a Makeshift Traveler! 2023 will be a fantastic year!

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