Day 93: Takeaway #8- LGBTQ+ Community and Women

Takeaway #8 to kick off the New Year is highlighting those experiencing homelessness as a part of the LGBTQ+ Community and those who are women. These are two very important sub-communities with numerous challenges when unhoused. Many programs and services offered tend to prioritize women and LGBTQ+ individuals, which is excellent, but I still meet many unhoused and suffering from added obstacles.  

Jessica Ginther is a delightful individual who I have referenced numerous times on our blog. She and I chatted about the challenges of being transgender, receiving access to needed medical attention, and necessary legal awareness. She also shared the challenges of being constantly misgendered.

Another important sub-community to highlight is women experiencing homelessness. During a Project Homeless Connect partnership event, we met Morgan, who has been unhoused for six months since her car broke down. She shared the annoyance of constantly watching her every move with other men attempting to be beside her (to put it nicely). She mentioned sleeping in old parking garages to get away from the masses of people to mitigate these issues. 

Cases like Jessica and Morgan present the added challenges that experiencing homelessness as a woman or LGBTQ+ individual [or both] brings. As we continue to address those unhoused, we must prioritize and consider people within these sub-communities in our programs. 

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