Day 92: Takeaway #7- Happy New Years! “Conceptual Bottom Line”

Happy New Year! Takeaway #7 highlights a critical perspective I have gained only through the distribution of our Makeshift Traveler. This Conceptual Bottom Line is where many people in the United States reside. Those living paycheck to paycheck, or even having an excellent salary, are one obstacle away from being displaced into homelessness. 

Travis, whom I met on Day 60, shared that he was making $80,000 a year, living in a three-story house while working a job in construction. After a catastrophic house fire and a series of events, he found himself with only a vehicle carrying his belongings across the country. Ultimately, after the car broke down, he was unhoused. Coupling this with an addiction, Travis found himself homeless. This is how quickly things can transpire. 

Furthermore, each day that goes by without mitigating these effects, once entering homelessness, significantly increases the amount of time someone may be unhoused before receiving help. This is why there needs to be a sense of urgency to get people away from this Conceptual Bottom Line while also bringing those who have fallen below it above as quickly as possible. This takeaway is tangible, but an understanding is that so many people are one challenge away from being displaced.

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