Day 9: Madewell Charity Event and Meeting Dave!

Madewell Charity Event in the Marina District

Today we had a Charity Event at the Madewell Clothing store in the Marina District. The HomeMore Project received 10% off Madewell’s sales from 12:00-5:00pm. It was great to connect with residents of the Marina District, share our story, and allow people to interact with our Makeshift Traveler. The coolest part was after the event ended, I headed home and gave the Makeshift Traveler pictured here to Dave!

Meeting Dave

Immediately after our Madewell Event, we gave away the same Makeshift Traveler to our new friend Dave. Dave did not want to be photographed, but he walked and searched for a place to sleep. I intercepted him and asked if there was anything I could do to help. He was visibly limp, and a torn old backpack was on its way out. I presented him with a Makeshift Traveler as we chatted about his story and how we could help. Dave did not have a cellphone or an email, but he does have family in the Bay Area. We are in pursuit of contacting his family to help alleviate the challenges of his experiencing homelessness. While we did not get Dave’s contact information, Dave is in the immediate area.

If you want to donate to Dave, click the link below and comment “Dave” in the form. We will update Dave’s case as progressions are made. We are based in San Francisco but looking to expand to other cities providing essential materials to individuals experiencing homelessness via our Makeshift Traveler backpack, which includes a solar panel, pillow, radio, flashlight, sleeping bag, poncho, informational Brochure, and more.

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