Day 85: Featuring Morgan+ Holiday Travels and Plans for Blog!

Today we feature Morgan, who has been experiencing homelessness on and off for years, most notably when her car broke down six months ago, putting her out onto the streets alone. We chatted with Morgan about the added challenges of experiencing homelessness as a single woman, ensuring that she is in a safe location for her to sleep. Furthermore, Morgan noted that she considers herself nocturnal, often not sleeping at all during the night but instead during the day.

Before experiencing homelessness, Morgan worked in many different positions. She was an office clerk and assistant for eight years while holding consistent housing. Ultimately, a series of events placed her into being unhoused.

We are still in contact with Morgan, so if you want to donate to her, please click the button below and comment, “Morgan.”

Holiday Plans for Blog

On a personal note, I will travel over the holidays and visit family in different parts of the United States. Therefore, since we will not be passing out any Makeshift Travelers, I figured it would be important to highlight some key takeaways from spending nearly 100 days distributing our Makeshift Traveler and connecting with those experiencing homelessness. Therefore, this blog will conclude the year by highlighting ten key takeaways and emphasizing actionable steps or changes in 2023 regarding those takeaways.

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