Day 84: Meeting Sheila, Missy, and Others at Shotwell

Today we return to the Shotwell SSS to highlight two Makeshift Traveler recipients, featuring Sheila and Missy.

I connected with Sheila again; thank you to Jessica Ginther, whom we met a few weeks prior. Sheila did not want her story to be shared, but it was great as she was perfectly positioned for our Makeshift Traveler’s Solar Panel to receive direct sunlight. As we mentioned in the story of Joseph, the Mission District has astronomically more sun accessible.

The other recipient was Missy, and I will be returning to Shotwell SSS after the holidays to provide her husband with one as well. Missy shared some of her health challenges which ultimately caused her to become unhoused. Both Sheila and Missy did not want anything else to be featured.

It was great to comment on both of them. Both of their contact information was obtained, and if you would like to make a donation to either of them, please click the button below and write a count of either “Sheila” or “Missy.”

Donate to Sheila or Missy

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