Day 78: Meeting Flip, Former Construction Worker from Chicago

This morning I was pleased to meet my new good buddy, Flip. Flip and I had been in contact for nearly a week, and we continued missing each other due to scheduling and lack of communication. Flip currently goes to the San Francisco Public Library twice daily to charge his phone. It is a challenge that seemingly is no longer with our Makeshift Traveler; however, with the decreasing temperatures, it will still be an excellent place to get warm.

Flip is from Chicago, Illinois, and spent numerous years as a construction worker while working many other handy jobs, such as woodworking. Flip shared a story about a few years ago when he moved back home; he had aspirations to start a sign company. Ultimately, his friends and family were unwilling to give him the startup costs, and this caused him to move back to San Francisco, becoming unhoused.

We are still in contact with Flip. If you would like to make a donation to him and assist in his transition to permanent housing, please click the button below, and write a comment, “Flip.” We look forward to staying in touch with him and tracking his progress out of homelessness!

Donate to Flip

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