Day 77: Meeting Nathan, Former Warehouse Employee and Aspiring Clothing Designer

This morning I met Nathan outside of City Hall after he had reached out to us on our website.

Nathan has been experiencing homelessness on and off for a few years. We chatted about the obstacles of joining the list to receive permanent vhousing and how he has been waiting months to meet with someone to help him join this list. After months, he has still not joined the list. We have reached out to our contacts to help Nathan join this list.

Nathan also shared that he has numerous friends who would like a Makeshift Traveler. We obtained some of their contact information and will be working through Nathan to provide them with one in the upcoming weeks.

We are still in contact with Nathan, so if you would like to make a donation toward him and his transition to either temporary or permanent housing, please click the button below and write a comment, “Nathan.” We look forward to tracking his progress and providing his unhoused friends with a Makeshift Traveler in the near future.

Donate to Nathan

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