Day 76: Featuring Steve, Former Welder

Once again, today, I am traveling and visiting family, but I will be returning to San Francisco tomorrow.

Today, I am featuring Steve Valeg, who deserved a story back when we first met him in late November. We met Steve at the Project Homeless Connect location off Franklin Street during drop-in hours.

When Steve approached our table, he was visibly distraught. Weeks prior, Steve packed up everything he had and moved to San Francisco after receiving acceptance for a new job. However, after arriving here, he learned that his job acceptance was revoked, and he was unemployed. After struggling to find his way and housing in San Francisco, he was ultimately put on the streets.

To make this situation even more challenging, all of Steve’s belongings were stolen the day before.

We are still in contact with Steve, and if you want to support his transition to permanent housing, please click the link below.

Donate to Steve

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