Day 75: Featuring Richard, Former Handyman and Plumber

Today I am traveling and visiting some family for the holidays in Washington, D.C., so I will not pass out a Makeshift Traveler. However, I will highlight the story of a previous Traveler recipient, Richard Killin, whom we have yet to feature.

We met Richard in mid-November when our distribution team approached him and offered if he could help consolidate his loose belongings into one of our Makeshift Travelers.

Richard is from San Francisco, California, and before experiencing homelessness, he worked many handy jobs, most notably plumbing. Many people we meet are former tradesmen, nearly all of which are still extremely valuable skills in today’s economy. We hope to highlight employability as an additional avenue out of homelessness.

We are still in contact with Richard, and if you would like to donate to him, please click the button below.

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