Day 74: Anonymous Recipient+ Bus Stop for Charging

Today’s recipient of our Makeshift Traveler did not want to be featured on our blog, and we completely respect their privacy. On my walk home, I came across this damaged bus stop and began pondering about the value our Makeshift Traveler provides to those unhoused in San Francisco.

This is widespread in downtown San Francisco; whether it is a light post, bus stop, electrical box, or even during the holidays, Christmas lights, people experiencing homelessness are looking for somewhere to charge. Some are even willing to damage a bus stop to charge their phone severely.

Pictured here is a bus stop generally made from glass, utilizing an electrical box to power lights and the signage showing when the next bus is arriving. Someone shattered the glass, and either some person or others took advantage of the numerous outlets in this electrical box, a problem that is solved with our Makeshift Traveler. How much will fix this cost? Our Makeshift Travelers are $100.

I will be traveling the next two days and featuring two prior Makeshift Traveler recipients! Yeah!

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