Day 73: Meeting Joseph and His Two Sisters

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph and his two sisters. Joseph had reached out to us last week, and we kept missing each other while scheduling meeting times. I brought three Makeshift Travelers, one for Joseph and one for each of his sisters. They are from the East Bay and have been experiencing homelessness on and off for numerous years.

Upon presenting them with their Travelers, a wave of about 15 people came over, and I recorded their contact information to receive a Traveler in the near future. I am working to coordinate with them to schedule a time to revisit the community and present them with a backpack.

This is the first time I have been in the Mission District distributing Makeshift Travelers, and it is an entirely different environment. One noticeable difference between the Mission and Downtown was that the sun was shining, and people generally seemed more optimistic about things. The solar panel was of more value to those in the Mission, as the sun is out more frequently; something I was unaware of before visiting.

I was extremely grateful to Joseph, his sisters, and others for welcoming me into their community to learn how to alleviate homelessness in these other communities. I am still in contact with Joseph and his two sisters. If you would like to donate to them and assist in their transition to permanent housing, please click the button below, and write a comment, “Joseph and His Sisters.” We look forward to tracking their progress and revisiting the Mission District to serve their community further!

Donate to Joseph and His Sisters

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