Day 68: Meeting Evangelie, Redwood City Outreach

Today we highlight Evangelie, the second recipient of our Makeshift Traveler expansion to Redwood City through James. Evangelie was born in Fresno, California but had been living in Redwood City for her entire life. Recently, Evangelie went through some obstacles that ultimately caused her to become homeless. She has been unhoused in San Francisco for nearly one year.

Pictured here, with her puppy tucked away in the cart, Evangelie shared a great conversation with James.

Our Makeshift Traveler provides useful functions in different climates and locations. For example, in Redwood City, there are more open areas for the unhoused to stay, which in turn causes fewer places to charge their cell phones.

James is still in contact with Evangelie and visits her frequently. If you want to donate to her, please click the button below, and write a comment, “Evangelie.” We look forward to tracking her progress out of being unhoused in Redwood City!

Donate to Evangelie

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