Day 67: Meeting Bob (Jess’s Husband), Former Sheet Metal Worker

This evening I revisited Bob and Jess, bringing Bob, one of our Makeshift Travelers. Bob and Jess are some of the most genuine people I have ever met. Jess stayed back, watching their belongings, and I had a chance to get to know Bob and the realities of them being unhoused.

Bob shared that they returned to their tent a few nights ago with a few people taking all of their stuff. Bob described being homeless in San Francisco as ‘crazy,’ saying, “I have been homeless before in a few other cities; I have never seen it be so crazy and scary.” He shared that three men had been following them a few minutes prior, plotting to steal their items; once they found an Urban Alchemy person, the three men ran off. These are daily occurrences for someone homeless in San Francisco.

Bob highlighted his desire to work in construction, sheet metal, or anything handy. Bob reaffirmed that he and Jess are not looking for handouts; they genuinely want stability, allowing them to work and get back on their feet.

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