Day 65: Meeting Austin, Door Dasher and Former Security Guard

This morning I met our new good friend, Austin, from San Francisco, California. Austin had a very insightful and moving story to share, which begins with him in a Single Room Occupancy subsidized housing unit before the pandemic working as a security guard. Austin shared that his neighbors, who were doctors and tech workers, continued questioning Austin’s ability to afford that space with being a security guard, to which he always dodged answering the question.

Once the Covid-19 Pandemic arrived, Austin was displaced from his security guard role and eventually became homeless. Austin has been working day in and day out as a Door Dasher and Uber Eats delivery person, renting a Lyft Bike to deliver people’s orders. Austin mentioned how great this work is while unhoused because the work is accessible 24/7, and payouts are often within hours of completing the work.

Austin shared the challenges of keeping his phone on, which is an essential tool allowing him to do Door Dash deliveries. Currently, he uses these makeshift cords, shown in the picture, where he attaches to light posts, muni stops, and Christmas lights. A challenge that is now eliminated with the help of his Makeshift Traveler.

If you would like to donate to Austin and assist in his transition back into permanent housing, please click the button below and write a comment, “Austin.” We look forward to staying in touch and tracking his progress as one of the top Door Dashers in San Francisco!

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