Day 63: Meeting Trevor, Former Retail Sales and Hopeful UPS Driver

This morning, I met Trevor from Chico, California. Trevor is a former retail salesman and nanny who has been experiencing homelessness for a few years. Before arriving in San Francisco, Trevor was unhoused in Chico, but due to the number of forests and ample space, Trevor was basically ‘camping.’

Roughly six months ago, Trevor moved to San Francisco based on a promise from a friend who would provide shelter to him. In a few days, his ‘friend’ stole everything Trevor had, leaving him with nothing. For the past six months, Trevor has struggled to find belongings and things to live. He noted staying at a shelter and, within a few minutes, “it was like a mental asylum; people were yelling and screaming, popping pills, it was crazy.” Trevor now opts to stay on the streets as he waits to hopefully get a position as a UPS Driver.

Trevor was grateful for his Makeshift Traveler, sharing, “when I first saw them, a few weeks ago, I started walking up and down Market Street looking for you guys giving them out.” Then he decided to reach out on our website, and we met him today. 

It was great to meet Trevor and learn his story. We are still in contact with him; if you want to make a donation to Trevor, please click the button below, and write a comment, “Trevor.” 

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