Day 61: Meeting Rod, Jessica, Ashlee and Reconnecting with Sage

Today is the last day of November! How fast time flies! It was great today to reconnect with Sage and meet three of her friends pictured here, Ashlee, Jessica, and Rod. 

Jessica, pictured to the left of me, shared that she was reading our CBS News story on Friday when 20 minutes later, Sage and Paul walked by with their Makeshift Traveler. She was in disbelief and immediately asked them where she could get one. She reached out to us the following day, and we finally connected with her. 

Jessica is a former truck driver, who has experienced homelessness for a few years after her driver’s license expired. Jessica was such a compassionate and genuine individual. We talked about the struggles of being unhoused in San Francisco, even with her being in a Safe Sleeping Site in a tent. 

We are still in contact with Ashlee, Jessica, and Rod; if you want to donate to any or all of them, please click the button below, and comment on any of their names. We look forward to staying in touch with them and tracking their transition from the Safe Sleeping Site to Permanent Housing!

Donate to Ashlee, Jessica, or Rod

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