Day 60: Giving Tuesday+ Meeting Travis, Former Construction Worker

Happy Giving Tuesday! This afternoon I met Travis by City Hall. You may notice a few past and upcoming recipients being met at City Hall; this is a location that The HomeMore Project has identified as a consistent meeting location for those who reach out on our website and join the waiting list to receive a Makeshift Traveler.

Today, we feature Travis, a former construction worker and desired musician. Travis has a fascinating story. He mentioned that he was making $80,000 per year, living in a three-story house, working construction, and making music on the side. After his home was burned down, leaving him with nothing, he packed up his bags and embarked on a trip to Oregon. After his vehicle breaking down and a series of other events, Travis ended up in San Francisco with almost nothing. Now, he joins a long list of those waiting for a permanent housing assignment.

Travis is currently staying at a safe sleeping site with a tent and some sense of privacy. When we thought the theft stories couldn’t get any crazier, Travis is an avid owner of Monitor Lizards, and he recently had his monitor lizard stolen from his tent.

On the other hand, Travis shared one of my favorite quotes, mentioning, “it is important to me to dress nicely and wear new outfits; I don’t want to feel or look homeless’. This sparked a great discussion about the importance of a mindset and a positive outlook.

I thoroughly enjoyed my discussion with Travis and meeting him. We are still in close contact with Travis, so if you want to donate to Travis, please click the button below and write a comment, “Travis.

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