Day 59: Meeting Anonymous Recipient by Old Apartment

I met today’s Makeshift Traveler recipient this afternoon, but they did not want to be featured on our blog or have any of their information recorded, which we understand entirely.

After nearly 60 days of distributing Makeshift Travelers, we have yet to return to my old block on O’Farrell Street. Since I won’t be sharing the story of our Traveler recipient, I felt this was an excellent time to highlight some brief updates to this very street and the pink building where The HomeMore Project was born.

When I was living here in 2020, the church in front of my building was often home to between ten and twenty individuals who were unhoused. As I was beginning to move in late 2020, the city started putting up brigades and fences, preventing the homeless from developing encampments there. As I returned today, those small fences were now many more prominent ones.

Walking by this apartment building is always surreal, and I reinforcing my passion for helping those who are unhoused. Check back tomorrow for a Giving Tuesday post and more Makeshift Traveler recipients!

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