Day 58: Meeting Antoine, Former House Cleaner

This afternoon I met Antoine, who peacefully sat alone in this alleyway. Antoine had the most calming and welcoming demeanor as we briefly chatted about how nice the sun felt. Antoine is a former house cleaner from Oklahoma. Antoine has been experiencing homelessness for a few years but recently has been staying at a local shelter in the Tenderloin. Like many other shelters, Antoine is woken up early in the morning and asked to leave the shelter, and he has a few-hour window in the evening when he can return for the evening. This, along with limited capacity and inconsistency with shelters, is why we still provide those in shelters with our Makeshift Traveler.

Unfortunately, Antoine also shared that he lost both of his parents roughly a month ago, sharing a challenging time. Antoine has no other family he is currently in contact with and hopes that after alleviating the challenges of homelessness, he can reenter working as a house cleaner.

Antoine’s phone number and email were recorded, and we are still in close contact with him. If you would like to make a donation, please click the button below and write a comment, “Antoine.” We look forward to tracking Antoine’s transition into permanent housing and reviving his passion for cleaning!

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