Day 55: 15 Mile Walk + Happy Thanksgiving!

Reconnecting with Dennis

For Thanksgiving this year, I took a 15-mile walk up and down every street in Lower Nob Hill, the Tenderloin, and Market Street. One of the first people I reconnected with was Dennis from Day 5! I chatted with him for roughly 30 minutes as we discussed some of his projects.

Above all of the great features of our Makeshift Traveler, Dennis and I joked about the radio being his favorite feature.

I picked up a few donuts and $10 Target gift cards to give out to our friends, and Dennis was grateful to receive one of those. Looking forward to reconnecting and hanging with Dennis again in the near future!

Meeting David

After a few miles, I began chatting with a friend named Ken, who worked for the Coalition of Homelessness for nearly two decades before retiring a few years back. While talking with Ken and sharing the work that The HomeMore Project is doing, David, pictured here, came up asking if we had any change to spare.

David joined in on the conversation, and we learned his story. Now in a shelter, previously David had experienced homelessness for years. I gave him a $10 Target gift card so he could buy some other materials for his Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks to David and Ken for a great discussion about the history of homelessness in San Francisco!

Reconnecting with Douglas

I also had the pleasure of reconnecting with Douglas, who we gave a Makeshift Traveler on Halloween nearly a month ago! Douglas and I chatted about how his Traveler has been keeping his phone charged while noting that the durability and waterproof aspects of the pack have been beneficial during the rainy days these past few weeks.

Douglas has many technological devices, including a cell phone, battery pack, computer, and tablet. He shared that it has been challenging keeping those dry with the torn nylon backpacks that he had before. To view our interview with him on TikTok, please visit this link.

We look forward to reconnecting again and seeing him around!

15-Mile Walk: Importance of Connecting with the Unhoused Community

As mentioned above, I took a 15-mile up and down every street. The data is a bit scattered, but it was estimated that this walk I went on encompasses between 40 and 50% of the entire San Francisco Homeless population.

The HomeMore Project emphasizes Investing in Every Root Cause for Every Individual, and events like this exemplify that belief. It is so essential that we develop personal relationships here with those experiencing homelessness firsthand. 

It was a beautiful, sunny Thanksgiving Day as well. I had the great pleasure of meeting many talented and friendly people, both unhoused and working in the community. 

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