Day 54: Meeting Jeffrey, Former Bike Mechanic and Technician

This evening I met Jeffrey, a former bike mechanic, and technician who had just injured his foot, forcing him to use crutches and be in a wheelchair.

Jeffrey shared the heartbreaking reality that people not only steal electronics and valuables but also steal belongings like a wheelchair or crutches. Jeffrey said, “they will steal literally anything; I have had my crutches stolen.” I asked if Jeffrey wanted me to help him go to the hospital, but he showed me his wound was on the cusp of being healed.

Jeffrey and I discuss our passion for bicycles. I told him I had been having issues with my chain, and he said, “bring it by; that is a relatively easy fix.” I focus on highlighting our recipient’s careers, talents, and expertise because these are possible avenues out of being unhoused.

We recorded Jeffrey’s email and are still in close contact with him. If you want to donate to Jeffrey, please click the button below, and write a comment, “Jeffrey.”

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