Day 53: Meeting Ricky, Music Producer from Oakland

This afternoon I met Ricky, a former and hopeful Music Producer from Oakland, California. Despite experiencing homelessness on and off for years, Ricky is optimistic that he will receive permanent housing soon, allowing him to focus solely on his music career. Ricky shared that he goes by the name Scary X when recording and producing his music.

Ricky was excited to receive his Makeshift Traveler, noting that as soon as he gets a charging cord, he will finally be able to turn on his new phone. Ricky then shared, “I am not sure how I will like the hard shell; I may bang my head on it accidentally or something.” This was when I introduced the comfy pillow feature at the bottom of our Traveler.

Because Ricky did not have his new cellphone activated, we could not record any of his information. However, we do have his frequently stayed and visited locations. If you would like to donate to Ricky, please click the button below, and write a comment, “Ricky from Oakland,” for us to facilitate this donation.

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