Day 52: Meeting Steve, Former Pizza Delivery Driver

This afternoon, I met Steve, a former Pizza Delivery Driver from San Francisco. I had seen Steve multiple times before, but we always had missed each other, or he had been chatting with others. It was great to meet him finally.

Before experiencing homelessness, Steve was a pizza delivery driver, sharing, “I was clean-shaven, delivering pizzas; it was a good life. “ I quickly replied that I thought his beard was awesome, but he jokingly disagreed. Steve was very appreciative of the radio and sleeping bag. His girlfriend mentioned that our Makeshift Traveler would be great to sit on. Surprisingly, she was not the first one to say that. While not a part of the design, it certainly works!

Steve does not have a cellphone or access to an email, but he stations at this block almost daily. If you want to donate to Steve in his pursuit of permanent housing, please click the button below, and write a comment, “Steve.”

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