Day 51: Meeting Graham, Body Surfer + Meeting Sandra

Meeting Graham

Today I met Graham outside of City Hall. Graham emailed us a few days ago inquiring about receiving a Makeshift Traveler, and I scheduled to meet today to present him with one. Graham is currently a resident at the HomeRise shelter, beginning a 90-day recovery program tomorrow. The HomeMore Project prioritizes those who are entirely unhoused, independent of any shelter. Still, occasionally, we connect and support those in shelters due to the inconsistency of shelters in terms of their access. Many recipients have noted preferring to sleep in a tent or outside as opposed to a shelter’s restricting elements.

Before experiencing homelessness, Graham was a renowned body surfer from Santa Cruz. Despite being unhoused and in a recovering program, Graham still competes in body surfing competitions, sharing, “when I take this to my next competition, I know all of my friends will want to buy one.”

Graham was great to chat with and hear his story, and we look forward to tracking his progress through the recovery program and eventually into permanent housing.

Meeting Sandra

Before Graham arrived, I ran into Sandra, pictured here, and her friend, Joe, who received a Makeshift Traveler yesterday and communicated that he would give it to Sandra. Sandra mentioned that on the day she had her Makeshift Traveler, numerous people offered to purchase it from her. She said she would never sell it, and “it is all mine.” Seeing her place the stickers and customize her Makeshift Traveler was awesome.

We are still in contact with Graham and Sandra. If you want to donate to either of them to further help their transition into permanent housing, please click the button below, and write a comment designating their name. We look forward to sharing more stories and pictures of our wonderful Makeshift Traveler recipients!

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