Day 50: Distributing 7 Makeshift Travelers

Meeting Marcellus and His Friends

Today we distributed seven Makeshift Travelers with myself, intern Aaron Ah Kuoi, and videographer Maura Cotter helping out. You may have noticed that we distribute ‘seven’ Makeshift Travelers often; the reasoning is because that is the amount that perfectly fits in our wagon. Marcellus, pictured kneeling on the bottom left, had directly emailed us asking if we could help him out. We responded immediately and coordinated today while offering if a few of his friends also needed help.

Marcellus is from Los Angeles, serving in the Navy for years before breaking his back during his duties. During his recovery, Marcellus developed an unfortunate addiction to opioids, beginning the challenges of having stable housing. Months before we met Marcellus, he came to San Francisco to work at the Ghirardelli store, hoping to earn enough to secure housing, but he fell short after being let go. Marcellus hopes to find permanent housing so he can begin working again and bring his girlfriend and daughter to San Francisco to be with him.

Meeting Chris

Before we met up with Marcellus and his friends, we met Chris. Chris is from Oakland, California, experiencing homelessness for a few years now. Chris shared his passion for music, rapping, and producing, in which he actually produced a song using Maura, our videographers, cell phone. Chris spent roughly 45 minutes creating this song, as Maura filmed the process, while Aaron and I met Marcellus and his friends.

Chris shared the files with Maura, which we received permission to use as background music in some of our upcoming videos. Exciting stuff! Connections like these further the narrative of there being so much talent within the unhoused community!

We look forward to staying in touch with Chris, and sharing one of his many talents throughout our films.

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