Day 49: Meeting Joseph, Former Farmer and Bass Fishing Champ

This morning I met Joseph, who was reorganizing some clothing when I approached him. Joseph is originally from Kentucky and has been experiencing homelessness in San Francisco for four years. Joseph went to great lengths to help his brother, who is serving an 18-year sentence in Arizona prison. After spending countless hours and, most importantly, a lot of money to help ease the sentence and release his brother from prison, Joseph was left with nothing. To further emphasize his challenges, Joseph worked with his brother to grow Cannabis and run a steady business. After Joseph’s brother was sentenced to prison, this caused Joseph to lose business and his sense of purpose.

Four years ago, before experiencing homelessness, Joseph was also a heavy fisherman in Kentucky. He chartered boats for people fishing in small rivers catching Crappy and Bass. Joseph was also a Bass Pro Champion in Kentucky, winning multiple competitions.

Over the past few weeks, Joseph has had most of his items stolen, most notably his wallet with his identification. When experiencing homelessness, having belongings stolen is a significant enough problem in itself. Although, when legal documents such as birth certificates or IDs are stolen as a byproduct of it being near cash and other valuables, that complicates things much further.

It was a pleasure meeting Joseph and chatting about his plans for finding permanent housing. Joseph did not have an accessible cell phone or email, but we have his frequently visited locations. If you want to make a donation to Joseph, please click the button below, and write a comment, “Joseph.”

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