Day 46: Meeting Tony with Board Member Matt Atkin

Today we had a special guest distributing our Makeshift Traveler, Fundraising Board Member Matt Atkin. Matt is up in San Francisco from Los Angeles on a work trip and spared some time to hang with me to see the ins and outs of how we approach distributing our Makeshift Travelers.

After walking my usual route, Matt and I stumbled upon Tony kneeling, looking through some belongings. Tony was incredibly vibrant and enjoyed our company; we talked about everything from Tony’s childhood growing up in Arkansas, living in San Francisco since 1992, previous employment, and his current living situation at a shelter off Polk Street. Before experiencing homelessness, Tony worked many jobs, such as a flag holder for highways, an office worker, and much more.

We recorded Tony’s contact information and the shelter where he is currently staying. If you would like to donate to Tony, we would be happy to facilitate a donation to him. Please click the button below, and write a comment, “Tony.”

Donate to Tony

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