Day 43: Partnership Distribution with SF Night Ministry, 5 Travelers

This evening, The HomeMore Project and San Francisco Night Ministry came together for a partnership distribution event with our Makeshift Traveler. The SF Night Ministry historically does a community night walk for one hour two to three times per month. We were very excited to participate in their first Night Walk of November. We reconnected with some familiar friends of HomeMore while meeting new individuals. Pictured to the left are Executive Director and Reverend Trent Thornley with our last recipient, Abraham. Abraham immigrated to the United States years ago from East Africa and has been experiencing homelessness. He was extremely excited to receive his Makeshift Traveler, noting, “I have seen these things all over the place, but no one will tell me how to get one.” Followed by one of our all-time favorite quotes from a recipient, “This thing looks like a jetpack!”

Despite distributing five Travelers, we only have pictures with two recipients as the lighting and scenarios were tricky to photograph all of them. Nonetheless, we were thankful for the event, and it was great to connect with those experiencing homelessness in an entirely different setting at night!

Another recipient this evening was Duavee, pictured with Business Development Intern Aaron Ah Kuoi. You may recognize this alley, as Duavee is a cousin of Jada and Jasper and close friends with Roger and Chocolate. Duavee was very interested in learning more about the development of the Makeshift Traveler while presenting many new ideas for the next iteration. He shared, “This thing needs a Bluetooth speaker.” We made a note of this and made further suggestions!

It was great to reconnect with some previous recipients while offering Reverend Trent Thornley assistance. Reverend Trent connected with many folks, helping them open up their spiritual side and sharing further assistance from the San Francisco Night Ministry.

Lastly, we wanted to share an awesome picture of Daniel from Day 35. Our Executive Director, Zac Clark, was walking by when Daniel appeared from his tent and told Zac, “wait for a second; I need to show you something.” Daniel then showcased his customized Makeshift Traveler, which features all five stickers, an attached light, with a prominent artistic drawing of a baby. When distributing our Makeshift Travelers, we strongly encourage recipients to customize their bags to make them their own. This customization was amazing to see from Daniel.

Thank you to San Francisco Night Ministry and the fantastic team for hosting us for a Night Walk. We look forward to hopefully doing another Night Walk soon!


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