Day 42: Meeting Whiz-Kid9, Homeless in SF for Over 20 Years

This morning I met Orlando, also known as Whiz-Kid9. When I asked Orlando where he got that nickname, he shared it was from being the only kid in his class to get an A+ on a test. Whiz-Kid9 is easily one of the coolest nicknames I have ever heard.

Orlando was walking with some luggage, sharing that he had just finished panhandling for $25 and was going to get lunch. I asked him if I could help enhance his backpack by providing him with a Makeshift Traveler, and he was excited to see the unique design. Orlando was the second recipient to be weary that the solar panel had some tracking device. I reassured Orlando that there are no tracking capabilities and that this is merely to charge his cellphone, radio, flashlight, etc.

Orlando shared that, while grateful for our Makeshift Traveler, he does not want his face to be featured nor for us to follow up with him for any further contact, assistance, or donations from our viewers. Therefore, there will not be an option to donate to Orlando, but we hope to see him around in San Francisco.

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