Day 41: Meeting Dave, Former Carnival Worker

This morning I met Dave off Polk Street. Dave was sitting here organizing a set of baseball cards that he found the other day. We briefly chatted about baseball and, admittedly, my lack of interest as I began to get older, but Dave has been interested ever since he was a kid. He showed me some of the highlights, including a Mark Maguire rookie card and a few of Hank Aaron.

In addition to discussing baseball, Dave also mentioned that he was working on coordinating a trip to visit his daughter in Kentucky, who he has not seen in 36 years. He shared that he was recently reconnected with her and was waiting on a friend who promised him transportation to the Greyhound Bus Station to get to Kentucky. Dave also collects and returns recyclable cans for extra cash in his free time. He was very appreciative of receiving his Makeshift Traveler.

Unfortunately, Dave did not have a cell phone or an accessible email, but we have his frequently visited locations. If you want to donate to Dave, please click the button below and write a comment, “Dave.”

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