Day 39: Meeting Mike, Former Call Center Specialist

Today I met Mike, who was sitting down taking in some sun after it had been raining earlier this morning and the past few days. I have seen Mike numerous times as he is always walking around the area, to which I finally said, “we need to get you a Fitbit or something!”. He laughed and jokingly said, “I count them myself.” When I had seen Mike previously, he was on the other side of the street, or I didn’t have a Traveler in hand, but it was great to finally meet him, chat, and present him with one of our Makeshift Travelers.

Mike and I sat for around 30 minutes enjoying the sun and discussing his journey, having grown up in San Francisco and working many different jobs at various call centers.

Mike did not have an active cell phone number or email, but as I mentioned, I see him quite frequently. If you want to donate to Mike, please click the link below and write a comment, “Mike.” We look forward to following Mike’s progress, helping him further, and seeing him around.

Donate to Mike

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