Day 38: Meeting Taylor, Doodler, Painter and Artist

This afternoon I met Taylor, who was reorganizing some collected cans that he would return to the recycling center for some coins. He was visibly in a great mood and showed me some of the doodles he had been working on. Taylor is from Louisiana and has been experiencing homelessness in San Francisco for a few years. Completely unhoused, Taylor mentioned that he feels unsafe in shelters and would rather stay on the streets.

Taylor shared about his passions and interests in art. He currently spends most of his free time doodling and drawing. He mentioned that he previously loved painting but now needs access to painting equipment. Stories like Taylor’s help us realize the diverse backgrounds and interests that compose the unhoused community. You may remember one of our first recipients, Jason, a painter, and artist. This theme highlights even more that we must understand these various backgrounds to address homelessness and provide more than housing.

Taylor did not have a cell phone or access to an email, but we have his frequently stayed locations. If you would like to donate to Taylor, please click the button below and write a comment, “Taylor.”

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