Day 34: Meeting ‘Old Man’ Kurt plus an Interview, Former Hotel Janitor

This morning I met Kurt, who mentioned he goes by “Old Man Kurt.” Old Man Kurt was reorganizing some of his belongings when I approached and asked if I could help him carry anything. I then introduced our Makeshift Traveler to see if it could ease some of his transportation troubles. He was overwhelmed with our pack, the sleeping bag, and the radio. 

It is beginning to get cold again in San Francisco, as nights are getting down into the 40s, and providing this added warmth was much appreciated. Kurt shared many unique perspectives on being unhoused, some of which I would like to share here. 

First, Kurt mentioned an interesting quote about how he prides himself on “being homeless with class .”This was a phrase I had never heard of but found fascinating. He shared examples of how most individuals experiencing homelessness will use the bathroom openly, throw their trash into the street, etc., but Kurt would never do those things. I think this is a narrative that would resonate with almost every San Francisco resident. Please enjoy this video interview with Kurt, where he shares some other wisdom. 

Kurt did not have a cellphone or email, but we do have his frequently stayed locations. If you would like to make a donation to Kurt, please click the link below and write a comment, “Old Man Kurt .”We look forward to sharing his story and hopefully reconnecting with him in the near future to track his progress.

Donate to ‘Old Man Kurt’

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