Day 33: Meeting ‘Showtime’ Steve, “Family is Everything”

Today we feature a very touching story, where I had the pleasure of meeting Steve, who goes by Showtime. I am upset at myself for not asking where the nickname derived from, but I have a hunch it may have been related to an athletic experience.

Showtime has been in San Francisco for over 40 years, spending various time between San Francisco and Oakland. Our conversation was very evident of what is most important to him; despite currently experiencing homelessness, Showtime focuses on family. He mentioned his amazing four daughters, one of which, Jasmine, who works for another housing organization in the city which I texted, shared this picture, and provided updates. She was happy to see her dad and our [awesome] selfie.

Showtime also shared about his other three daughters and family, who are heavily involved in the choir at a church in Oakland. Showtime’s situation reminds us that, sometimes, even a family with a strong bond is not enough to alleviate the challenges of homelessness. Many times Showtime would share examples but revert to saying something like, “but I need to be better” or “I need to stand up on my own two feet,” which was inspiring. I also reminded him that is why organizations like HomeMore and many others exist- to assist in helping people like Showtime stand on their own two feet again. Escaping homelessness is something that no one should go through alone.

Above all else, Showtime’s striking and uplifting personality was so contagious and inspiring. He was visibly in awe of our Makeshift Traveler and its’ features. When I first showed him our pack, he asked, “how much?”. After replying, explaining that we distribute one a day to people we connect with, he was in disbelief. Showtime was particularly fascinated with the pillow function at the bottom, as he disclosed to us that his stuff was stolen a few hours prior and our pillow is a means of security. He was also very excited about the radio and access to a new sleeping bag.

Showtime does not have access to a cellphone number or email, but I am in immediate contact with his daughter, Jasmine. If you want to donate to Showtime and his transition to permanent housing, please click the button below and write a comment, “Showtime.” We look forward to tracking his progress through Jasmine and sharing updates on his journey out of homelessness.

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