Day 32: Welcome to November, Meeting New Friend Pierre

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Pierre and his wife (not pictured), Tanesh. Pierre and Tanesh have been experiencing homelessness for numerous years, and despite having a steady income, they still find challenges in receiving permanent housing. When I met Pierre, he mentioned how he had just picked up some snacks and drinks for a date night with Tanesh. Moments later, Tanesh appeared, and I was able to meet her. Experiencing homelessness will never be easy, but as we have learned from a few stories highlighted on this Makeshift Traveler series, love and being with a significant other surely helps mitigate some of the hardships.

There is an important lesson to be reiterated; regardless of money or circumstance, finding the time and resources to do something special will always be cherished. Pierre talked about jumping many hurdles to provide a new pair of shoes for Tanesh. This evening he had found an excellent rooftop location to watch the sunset. These little acts help alleviate the obstacles of being unhoused, even if just a tad.

Beyond great conversation, Pierre was grateful to receive one of our Makeshift Travelers. He and Tanesh highlighted the hassle of charging their phone, mentioning that they must sit in awkward places or walk to St. Anthony’s foundation to get a charge. Along with the sleeping bag and pillow feature, they were extremely excited to mediate a hassle with the built in solar panel to charge their phones. I will be returning to provide Tanesh with one in the upcoming days.

If Pierre and Tanesh’s story resonates with you, we recorded their contact information, and if you would like to donate toward their permanent housing journey, please click the link below and write a comment, ‘Pierre and Tanesh”.

The story of Pierre and Tanesh will certainly not end here, as we will follow up with them to help them transition to permanent housing. Keep an eye out for an update on them in future blog posts.

Donate to Pierre and Tanesh

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