Day 30: Meeting Antares, Just Graduated High School

This afternoon we met Antares, who graduated high school a few years ago. Antares is from San Antonio, Texas, and moved here a few years ago after graduating high school. Shortly before moving here, Antares shared that he had some passing of family members, which made the period of his life very challenging. He mentioned, “I don’t use drugs. I don’t drink, I don’t have a phone, but I don’t even like technology”. 

Antares shared the challenges of joining the list for permanent housing. Still, because he does not have any forms of identification, he claimed that he would have to return to Texas to obtain his birth certificate and then be able to receive further identification from joining the list for permanent housing. We are working to confirm this and see if there is an alternative way.

Antares was unfortunately not interested in HomeMore helping him beyond our Makeshift Traveler, although he was very appreciative of it. He mentioned that he did not feel like anyone could help him and must find his way forward. Nonetheless, I am still attaching a link below for those interested in donating to Antares, and we will facilitate that donation when we see him next.  

Donate to Antares

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