Day 29: Meeting Vincent, Tent and Belongings Stolen Hours Before

This afternoon I had a disappointing but uplifting interaction with our new good friend Vincent. Yesterday after meeting Chris to give him a Makeshift Traveler, walking back, I smiled at who I now know is Vincent. Upon walking into a similar area, I saw Vincent standing over, waiting with a few suitcases and trash bags. I walked over and introduced myself, clarifying if he was the friendly man I had smiled at the day prior, to which he confirmed. I asked where he was going, and he mentioned, “I was watching my friend’s dog while he was at an appointment to find housing, I came back to my tent, and nearly all of my stuff was gone; my tent, mattress, sheets, and most of my stuff in my bags.” Theft is an unfortunate but prominent reality in the unhoused community on a day-to-day basis. Vincent first shared that the people around him said it was the city that trashed his stuff, but he was convinced that people stole his items and made it look like it was the Homeless Street Cleaning Team. Regardless, this is such a ridiculous thing that someone has to experience. Vincent makes a nice gesture for a fellow unhoused friend and returns’ home’ to all of his belongings that were ransacked and stolen[trashed].

Aside from this occurrence, Vincent and I could still laugh at a few goofy costumes walking by to lighten the mood. 

These connections and interactions further my desire to help the unhoused community. Someone like Vincent is trying to make it out of homelessness, starting from square one. Vincent mentioned that he is taking the bus to a friend’s house to keep some of his belongings in their garage while he contemplates acquiring his next tent and belongings. I only had about 10 minutes to chat with Vincent as his bus arrived, but this story was so disheartening. Vincent’s contact information was obtained, and we are still in contact with him. If you would like to make a donation toward Vincent, please click the button below and write a comment, “Vincent.” We look forward to staying in touch with Vincent and assisting in his transition to permanent housing.

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