Day 23: Meeting James, Car Dealership Owner turned Preacher

This afternoon we met James, who we had met a few times before but did not have any Makeshift Travelers accessible. I returned to his encampment today, where I presented him with a Makeshift Traveler and learned about his fascinating life story from having twins at the age of 15, growing up on a farm in Georgia, owning a car dealership and restaurant, to now being unhoused in San Francisco. Safe to say that James has had many unique experiences during his life.

James was sporting this fantastic hat, saying, “I have matching sunglasses if you want me to go get them.” James highlighted the importance of continuing to be hopeful and optimistic. We chatted about the simple pleasures and how something as small as bonding over a cool hat and pair of sunglasses can uplift someone to have a better day.

James’ information was obtained, and we are still in contact with him. If you would like to make a donation toward James, please click the button below and write a comment, “James Mccormick.” We look forward to staying in touch with James and aiding him in his journey out of homelessness.

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