Day 19: Revisiting Chocolate and Roger in Nob Hill

Today we returned to the same encampment where we met Jada, her dog Jasper, and Roger. Roger and Chocolate have been together for some time as they search for permanent housing, or at least a shelter/transitional housing configuration that allows couples. Experiencing homelessness in a relationship with a dog is not a probable scenario for finding shelter or assistance in San Francisco. Unfortunately, couples often get separated, and having a dog creates additional challenges. This is why Our 27 Step Journey proposes the inclusion of singles, couples, and families, even their little [or big] furry friends. As mentioned many times before, addressing homelessness is not a one size fit all. Many experiences and scenarios can lead someone to be unhoused. Therefore, we need program(s) that tailor the criteria to each particular individual. 

This is the third time I have visited this encampment, and it is always a pleasure to see Roger, Chocolate, and Jada. The first time I met them, they provided me with one of the nicest breakfasts I think I have ever received. Building these types of relationships and connections with those we serve better allows us to help them long-term. The HomeMore Project and I are committed to helping our recipients beyond our Makeshift Traveler. 

We are still in consistent contact with Chocolate, and if you would like to make a donation to her [and Roger], please click the button below and write a comment, “Chocolate.” 

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