Day 18: Meeting Dwayne, Tree Climber of 30 Years and Our New Good Friend

This evening I met Dwayne, who was easily one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. I approached Dwayne, and we immediately recognized each other as I met him on our Distribution Launch Day on 10/1. I talked with Dwayne and his friend Aimee for over an hour, learning about their stories and involvement with the city and other organizations, among other things.

Dwayne was a Tree Climber for over 30 years in Humboldt, California, before experiencing homelessness. When particular challenges arose in Humboldt, Dwayne came to San Francisco hoping to access better resources and personnel to get assistance and housing. That was, unfortunately, not the case. We also talked about the challenges of being in a relationship entering a shelter, and these other programs; a similar scenario to Roger and his girlfriend, Chocolate, from last week.

Above all else, the most moving part of our discussion was Dwayne’s compassion and desire to help others. He mentioned, “I wish I could go around giving out these backpacks.” He then talked about how he feels invisible, saying, “no one will even look at me or smile back; they make me feel like I am not even here.”

We are still in contact with Dwayne, and he would greatly appreciate any support to deal with the challenges of experiencing homelessness. If you would like to make a donation toward Dwayne, please click the button below and write a comment, “Dwayne.” 

I was so moved by my conversation with Dwayne. We will do everything possible to help him alleviate the experience of homelessness. 

Donate to Dwayne

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