Day 17: Meeting Jada, Former Aviation Specialist and Her Dog, Jasper

Today, we returned to a local encampment to visit Jada and her dog Jasper, who we promised to revisit and give a Makeshift Traveler to last week. Unfortunately, the timing was not right this past week, but we finally reconnected with Jada and her beautiful dog Jasper to present them with a Makeshift Traveler.

Jada came to San Francisco at a young age, working various jobs in the Aviation industry. When different challenges arose, along with the obstacles of the pandemic, she was put out of the housing. Now, Jada and her dog Jasper stay in a tent as they are on a waiting list to receive permanent housing. This process is much easier than it sounds, and it can take a long time before they are even approved. She shared the ongoing challenges of finding permanent housing with a pitbull who has not been neutered.

We are still in contact with Jada and her dog Jasper. If you would like to make a donation to Jada in her search to find permanent housing with Jasper, please click the button below and write a comment, “Jada,” for us to facilitate this donation to her. We look forward to staying in touch and helping them alleviate the challenges of experiencing homelessness.

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