Day 16: Meeting Marcell, Former Plumber and Electrician

This afternoon I met Marcell, born and raised in San Francisco, California. Marcell was fixing his bike when I approached him and asked if there was anything that I could do to help him out. Marcell noticeably had very few belongings, a couple of jackets, and the bicycle he was sitting on in our picture. I then provided him with one of our Makeshift Travelers, and he was incredibly grateful. 

Marcell and I chatted about his life, including the many jobs he participated in, his childhood, and his time experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. Marcell worked as a Plumber and Electrician for many years, I asked him if I could wave a wand and if he could have any job in the world what it would be, he smiled and said, “I would do anything. Something where I can talk and interact with people; I am good with my hands too. Put me in a position, and I will learn.” This was so great to hear; we then chatted about the great lengths of life. Marcell is in his 40s, and we talked about how young that is relative to an average lifespan. Speaking about that sense of optimism made Marcell’s [and my] day. A little bit of perspective is all we need sometimes. 

Marcell’s contact information was obtained, and we are still in contact with him. If you want to support Marcell and help him gain permanent housing, please click the button below and comment, “Marcell.” We look forward to providing updates and sharing his progress out of homelessness. 

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