Day 15: Meeting Christopher, Unhoused for 10+ Years

We met Christopher this afternoon off of Larkin and Post streets in Lower Nob Hill. Christopher was very appreciative to receive his Makeshift Traveler. Still, he mentioned he was tired, so our conversation was kept to a brief 15 minutes introducing the components of our bag and learning a little bit of his story.

Christopher has been unhoused for over ten years in San Francisco; he would share the hardships of experiencing homelessness, then immediately conclude by repeating twice, “but it’s not that bad.” Indeed after spending years and years on the streets, with very little assistance out of homelessness, this idea of “normal” shrinks.

Unfortunately, Christopher’s cell phone was recently stolen, and he does not have an email. While we are not in digital contact with Christopher, he did mention the locations where he frequently sleeps and stays. We have noted that information in our files. If you are interested in making a donation toward Christopher, please click the button below and write in the comments, “Christopher.” Cases of individuals experiencing homelessness for over ten years require a lot of effort and relationship building, but we look forward to seeing Christopher and helping him transition to receiving temporary or permanent housing.

Donate to Christopher

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